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Dr. Isabel Perry brings 25+ years of safety expertise to her clients worldwide. Whether it is a keynote safety address in an auditorium of 2,000 or a small safety workshop of 5 employees, clients rave about her presentations. Audiences develop internal safety motivation to reduce accidents and reduce costs. Safety becomes a benefit, not a burden.

Audiences remember the message after the applause and apply her safety tips and tools in their workplaces immediately. Dr. Perry brings a wealth of safety information to your organization:

  • Hands on safety experience
    • Manufacturing floor of jet engines to the executive boardroom of a Fortune 50
    • Daily tactical decisions to developing 3-5 year strategic plans

  • Advanced safety degrees
    • Doctorate degree in Behavioral Safety, Adult Learning
    • Masters degree in Safety Management

  • Established and owned a construction company with day to day operations.
    • Include safety with competing priorities
    • Understand how safety can have a positive impact on the bottom line ROI for business owners

Audiences enjoy her influential, content-rich presentations and safety training workshops that are peppered with humor. Each professional presentation is customized to fit the specific industry, association or theme.

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Companies worldwide from 4 continents to small-town, USA have sought Dr. Perry as their keynote safety speaker. She has assisted major multinational companies and their testimonials demonstrate the commitment and willingness to meet all of their event requirements. Individuals in manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, agriculture, utilities, hospitals and health care, government, service industries, and more have benefited from Dr. Perry's passion for safety. Whether they are building or developing their safety culture, she opens her audiences mind and heart to all the possibilities of increased excellence. Audiences are challenged and inspired to new ideas and approaches in improving their performance. Her audiences are energized by her "can do" attitude and transfer their newly gained skills into success.

If you are seeking a safety speaker on various health and safety topics, you have found the safety professional with the broadest background in the profession.

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"If you think safety is expensive, try accidents"



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Dr. Isabel Perry
Safety Speaker,
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Dr. Perry's 4E's

Masters and Doctorate degrees in Safety

Fortune 50 Safety, Health, Environmental and Security executive with international responsibilities. 20+ years of experience in the field...
from manufacturing floor to the Executive Boardroom.

National Speakers Association-- Professional Member

Relevant content,
peppered with humor