Safety  Keynote Speaker

Safety Keynote Speaker

Safety  Keynote Speaker

"Safety is 24/7: Eliminating 7 High Risk Behaviors"

This highly interactive presentation will have attendees out of their seats and fully engaged with the pertinent content.

Do your employees feel they are working safely:

  • For OSHA? 
  • For their company and supervisors? 
  • For their personal well-being?

It is important that employees are self-motivated to develop a “personal safety culture” to reduce accidents. This content filled presentation is fun, lively, entertaining and highly interactive. The message will enable attendees to become self-motivated and embrace safety as a personal value to improve the quality of their lives. After hearing this message, unsafe behaviors are reduced and attendees practice “Safety 24/7.”

This is win-win-win for everyone:

  • Employees are self-motivated to perform safety
  • Supervisors spend less time enforcing safety
  • Organizations accident rates are reduced.

Key Outcomes:

  1. Understand the 7 High Risk Behaviors: Dr. Perry will delve into the seven high-risk behaviors that can compromise safety in any workplace. Attendees will gain insights into what these behaviors are and why they pose a significant threat.
  2. Create a Personal Safety Culture: Learn how to foster a "personal safety culture" among employees, motivating them to take ownership of their safety and well-being. Discover practical strategies to instill a sense of responsibility for safety at all levels.
  3. Employee Engagement and Self-Motivation: Understand the importance of self-motivation in maintaining safety standards. Dr. Perry will provide actionable techniques for engaging employees in safety initiatives, making them proactive safety advocates.
  4. Impact on Organizational Efficiency: Explore how a culture of safety can enhance organizational efficiency. Discover how supervisors can spend less time enforcing safety protocols when employees are genuinely committed to safety as a personal value.
  5. Win-Win-Win Outcomes: Learn about the positive outcomes that result from a "Safety 24/7" mindset. Dr. Perry will illustrate how employees, supervisors, and organizations all benefit when safety becomes an integral part of daily life, reducing accidents and improving the overall quality of work environments.

Dr. Perry's presentation is not your typical safety lecture; it's an interactive, entertaining, and energetic experience that will leave attendees inspired and empowered. Prepare to be engaged, get out of your seats, and actively participate in discussions and activities that drive home the message of safety as a personal value. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your perspective on safety and make it an integral part of your daily life.

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