Dr. Isabel Perry

Safety Expert

I am a distinguished authority in the field of workplace safety, renowned for my expertise as a safety keynote speaker and consultant. As a dedicated 'Safety Strategic Partner,' I am committed to empowering clients to "Save Lives and Save Money Worldwide." With a career spanning over three decades, I have garnered accolades for my impactful seminars and innovative safety solutions. My profound insights, derived from extensive research and collaborations with diverse clients across the nation, make me a sought-after leader in the safety industry.

Key Highlights

  • Award-winning Safety Keynote Speaker and Seminar Leader
  • Renowned for Delivering Best-in-Class Safety Solutions
  • Expertise in Transforming Research into Tangible Results
  • Recognized as "The Safety Consultants' Safety Consultant"

Professional Achievements

My journey is characterized by an unwavering commitment to safety and leadership excellence. Holding both a master's and doctorate degree in safety, I have a comprehensive understanding of the field's intricacies. My ascent to the executive leadership echelons of a Fortune 50 multinational corporation is a testament to my exceptional capabilities.

Passion and Vision

Driven by an unwavering passion for safety and leadership, I am embarking on a new chapter to share my wealth of knowledge and experience. With over three decades of tackling progressively complex challenges, I am resolute in guiding others to achieve success in their careers. My mission is to enable individuals to add exceptional value to their employers while simultaneously reducing the risk of injuries.

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