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My love of safety and leadership is deeply rooted and experienced. It's been cultivated over years of hard work, manifesting in a master's and doctorate degree in safety. Moreover, scaling the heights of a Fortune 50 multi-national corporation to reach its executive leadership echelons is a testament to my dedication and capabilities in the field. After spending years overcoming intricate challenges, I'm now on a mission to share this knowledge to others. Whether you aim to climb the career ladder, provide unparalleled value to your employers, or play a pivotal role in reducing workplace injuries, I am here to guide you.

When you hear the title "entertainer," your mind might conjure images of musicians, actors, or perhaps magicians. Yet, in the vast realm of entertainment, there is a unique niche that holds its own magic, and that's the art of keynote speaking. And nestled in South Carolina and traveling worldwide I represent that niche as a keynote speaker par excellence.

Some keynote speakers rehearse lines from a book, regurgitating knowledge without having truly experienced it. In stark contrast, I bring with me not just knowledge but a wealth of firsthand experiences. They say, that to understand a person's journey, you need to walk a mile in their shoes. I've not only walked that proverbial mile but have journeyed through decades of real-life frontline scenarios. This allows me to blend my academic knowledge with real-life examples, making my presentations genuinely 'edutaining'. By weaving education and humor together, I ensure the audience's interest remains piqued, facilitating better retention of the material presented.

Eager to discover how my expertise can elevate your next event? Keen on diving deep into the realms of safety or leadership through the eyes of someone who has truly "walked the talk?" Reach out to me directly at (321) 287 7771.

Together, let's make your next event not just informative but truly transformative. Whether you're keen on diving deep into the intricacies of safety or wish to explore leadership lessons from the golf links, I am here to make it a memorable experience.

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