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Management Leadership Workshop

Time is money.
Learn to deliver better results in a shorter time with less stress and more support for safety committees. Safety Committees can be a profit center if they are established and managed properly. All attendees develop skills that can be transferred to many aspects of their lives.

Fourteen states require/ recommend safety committees, so participants have a responsibility to deliver success and results in a timely manner.

Building High Performance Safety Committees: Maximize Success & Results provides participants with specific tips and techniques to improve meetings:

  •   Six tips for more effective committees
  •   Ten duties of all safety committee members
  •   Four stages of team dynamics
  •   Five keys to agendas that deliver results quicker
  •   Three group process techniques for 100% participation

Each of the 10 modules covers an essential competency that will make your safety team more effective and successful. Each workshop can stand-alone or you can use all ten workshops together for maximum performance impact.
The series is based on a well-researched and holistic model that identifies the competencies necessary for a group of people to work as a highly productive and cohesive team. Take advantage of this research to improve the performance of your safety teams!

1. Committing to a Safety Team Approach

This workshop will energize newly formed safety teams by helping members explore different team roles as well as four stages of team development. By learning through experiential exercises about behaviors that occur at each stage of team development, members will preempt resistance to the team approach.

2. Communicating Effectively In Safety Teams

Improve all key communication skills within the context of achieving safety team goals. This workshop systematically presents core communication skills such as active listening, giving and receiving feedback constructively, and reacting to others' ideas.

3. Resolving Safety Team Conflicts

This workshop focuses on resolving the types of conflicts that commonly occur in safety teams. Participants determine their natural conflict management styles through the use of the Conflict Style Inventory. They learn techniques for assessing conflict situation and applying the most appropriate conflict management style for each situation.

4. Creating a Shared Safety Team Purpose

The ideal starting point for creating a fully functioning, high performing safety team, this workshop will help team members establish a mission that can be used to guide the formulation of goals and objectives. A series of skill building exercises will get everyone working toward the common goal.

5. Planning for Safety Team Results*

This workshop enables safety team members to set goals and objectives that are in direct support of the team's purpose. Team members will learn to compose goals that are supported by specific measurable objectives.

6. Making Safety Team Meetings Work*

Meetings are the hub of team communication and decision-making. This workshop addresses why safety meetings should be called, how to prepare for them, and most importantly, how to conduct them effectively.

7. Evaluating Safety Team Performance

This workshop provides safety team members with an analytical framework for thoroughly evaluating nine critical dimensions of Team effectiveness. Participants will gain a clear understanding of their team's strengths and weaknesses, and will develop a process for improving team performance.

8. Making Safety Team Decisions by Consensus

 When working in safety teams, it is critical to make decisions that all team members agree with and support. In this workshop, team members learn four basic decision making approaches and identify why consensus decision-making is most beneficial in a team setting.

9. Solving Safety Team Problems

In order for safety teams to be successful, they must be able to solve everyday problems decisively and effectively. With this workshop, teams will learn to do so while working on an actual problem the team currently faces. By the end of the workshop participants will be ready to implement solutions.

10. Utilizing Safety Team Members' Abilities

This workshop provides a framework by which safety teams can identify individual team members' strengths and reorganize to more efficiently achieve team objectives. Teams complete this training by developing an action plan to implement improved utilization of team human resources. Uses DISC Inventory.

2-day workshop (all modules)
1-day workshop (“a la carte”- select modules--#5* and #6* required)


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